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  • Tricky Frames 0.1

    Split your window in frames you can view the web in many window It is so more features to help you surf the web Try
  • View Frames 1.0

    View Frames will display in the General tab of PaGE Info a tree with the frames composing the page. The current Frame is listed in bold. A double
  • Photo Frames Master 1.0

    Program for adding frames and borders to photos and images. Besides, it allows to correct photos and add effects. Created images can be saved in
  • Ocean Frames Screensaver 1.0

    Ocean Frames Screensaver 1.0 is a new, marvelous sceensaver. The screensaver captures the most scenic ocean waves on your
  • Arc4You View Frames 1.0

    This is an extension to ESRI ArcView 3.x to optimize the links between view frames in layouts and view documents in your project: Freeze
  • Valentines Frames Pack 1.0

    PhotoPos is an image editor with many interesting features and yet very easy to use. It allows you to work with different layers, pretty much like
  • Engineering Frames Joints 2.2008

    This program checks the resistant moment for the joints to prevent the columns failure before the beams when the frame gets horizontal forces and
  • Floating Frames For Excel 2.01

    Floating Frames for Excel is a Visual Basic program designed to launch multiple windows that each display an Excel range in a modeless window that is
  • 808 Dropped Frames Repair 0.91 Beta

    This program uses the last (and best) approach. For the motion Analysis it uses the free AviSynth and MvTools tools, so these have to be installed
  • Graphic Frames Pack 1.0

    Graphic Frames Pack comes with 12 great and beautiful graphic
  • Arena Unit Frames 1.0

    Supports Game Version: 3.0.2 Unit frames for your arena opponents, with limitations. Those limitations include: - You (or somebody else in your
  • Photo Frames & Effects Free -

    Photo Frame & Effects Free is a free software tool that are the same as Photo Frame & Effects Premium except it support has less frames & effects and
  • Photo Frames & Effects Premium 1.0

    Photo Frame & Effects Premium is a digital photo tool that allows you to add frames, borders & filter effects to your digital photos. The program
  • Filter Forge Freepack 3-Frames 1.012

    Filter Forge Freepack 3-Frames is a set of seven filters that create frames for your photos. Apply a realistic painted wooden Frame or a vignette,
  • Perl Classic Unit Frames 1.0

    Supports Game Version: 3.1.0 They replace the default Player, Pet, Target, Target of Target, Party, and Party Pet frames and add dedicated frames for
  • Tiff frames Split Merge Tool 1.2

    Combine multiple images together or break multipage tiff into individual frame using tiff split merge Windows utility. Program is sufficient enough
  • MLM-Ware

    MLM-ware is a software that supports distributors with their Multi Level Marketing businesses. It provides several features such as import and
  • NET-i ware 1.32.021

    This high performance Net-i ware recording software is capable of recording at 480fps (NTSC) at 4CIF resolution for all Samsung Network/IP Cameras. It
  • RAV-Ware 2.1.2

    ClearOne???s RAV-Ware??? software provides an easy interface for configuring system settings and customizing the audio in your RAV 600/900 or Converge
  • IP Ware 3.2

    IP Ware was created to enable the individual investor tosucceed in the complex world of Real Estate Investing. Thisuser-friendly program allows you
  • jk-ware MDI-Projektworkspace 3.0

    For Visual C# developers we offer our MDI-Projectworkspace for the further development of their own products. The Workspace needs Visual C# 2008
  • jk-ware Basisworkspace 2.0

    We offer our Basis-workspace for Visual C++(tm)-users for further development of their own products. The workspace requires Visual Studio 2008 upwards
  • Fusion-ware.com 3.4

    Fusion-Ware.com,Fusion,Ware,Screen Saver. MSN - Yahoo top 10 website ranking - Google website ranking - Software Submission Service,google website
  • A-Ware 2000 2.00

    Customer tracker for shareware authors A-Ware 2000 is the share-ware author's total solution for customer tracking, software/program tracking, mass
  • Professional Sew-Ware 2.00

    Professional Sew-Ware (PSW) is a state-of-the-art embroidery software from SINGER®. It works with your personal computer to expand the already
  • ClearOne G-Ware

    ClearOne???s G-Ware software provides an easy interface for configuring and controlling your XAP 400. While some configuration can be done using the
  • jk-ware 3.3 for Pocket PC / Windows CE 3.3

    Blocker Plains is a reaction game with six levels from very easy until very difficult and individual, an unlimited ball-number, 50 stone plains and a
  • Sports Card Ware 1.0

    Sportscardware is software that will allow you to create personalized sports-type trading cards. These cards may then be saved to disk and/or
  • Georges Ware Biblos 2.73

    Biblos is a program to kep track of all your books.It allows you to specify the room, bookcase and shelf on which the book is stored. I has full
  • Cook Ware Deluxe 3.2

    CookWare Deluxe Recipe Software makes collecting and organizing recipes really easy. Simply drag recipes from your Web browser or Word Processor
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  • CardioLog 2007

    CardioLog is designed to be a powerful solution dedicated to web analytics, with its own tracking agent and data repository. It includes numerous SharePoint usage reports - among them the portal views reports, portal
  • Spyware Firewall 1.1

    Block spyware before it reaches your computer not afterwards and stop spyware communication. Spyware Firewall protects your computer by monitoring your connection in real-time and denying access to all spy ware
  • Trapped! 1.0

    While testing new portable portal technology, you and your portal Device end up in another dimension. The inhabitants of this dimension are energy based beings, and you are not wanted in their world. The entire dimension
  • Amazing New York Screensaver 1.1

    New-York is a portal of new technologies - these is a qualitative megacity of media of entertainments of the USA. In this portal there are media resources - the international games on football, Rugby football,
  • Intrexx Xtreme 4.5

    You can use inclusive portal building software Intrexx Xtreme for following purposes: for creating and managing multilingual Enterprise portals, Customer portals or web Applications; for developing and operating an
  • Active Business Intelligence Portal 1.1

    Active BI portal is business intelligence software that provides an integrated solution for designing and deploying reports and web forms over the internet and intranet. Active BI portal consists of two parts Active
  • Portwall 1.0

    Portwall is a small first person game, obviously inspired by Valves masterpiece - portal. The game was written from scratch in under 48hrs for the annual Ludumdare competition. Use your teleportation gun to create an
  • Mari0 1.6

    A complete from scratch recreation of Super Mario Bros. with a focus on perfectly imitating the feel the 1985 classic gave us. Then give Mario a portal gun, add puzzle game mechanics from portal and there you go. And if
  • Munga Bungas HTTPBrute Forcer Removal Tool 1.0.2

    This is a quick and easy solution which is developed specially to solve Munga Bunga's HTTP Brute Forcer and many other malicious programs. It help you forget what are worms, trojans, ad ware, spyware/trojans, bad
  • Grinbo 1.0.6

    The Puzzle solving game Grinbo keeps you busy for hours. In this your aim is to help out Grinbo who is the son of king and in very trouble. Actually Guffyland was a little planet and the local residents of this planet
  • PG Portal Pro AUG.2011

    PG portal Pro is a turnkey portal software. It lets you start your portal web Site with many advanced features. PG portal Pro is a perfect solution for City, Community, Business, Corporate portal and a clone of popular
  • Fix soft Portal 2 Coop

    portal 2 is a first-person puzzle game. It consists of a number of puzzles to be solved by teleporting oneself to other planes. It has nice 3D effects. portal 2 Coop is a launcher that supports search, custom maps,
  • One Step Upload 1.1

    A Personal portal Page Designer A Personal portal Page is a page that you create and store on your own computer. It contains links that point to your own favorite web sites. This page can be set as your homepage and
  • RAV-Ware 2.1.2

    ClearOne???s RAV-ware??? software provides an easy interface for configuring system settings and customizing the audio in your RAV 600/900 or Converge 560/590 business conferencing system. While the RAV/Converge system
  • ClearOne G-Ware

    ClearOne???s G-ware software provides an easy interface for configuring and controlling your XAP 400. While some configuration can be done using the front panel LCD menus, G-ware is required to complete the custom
  • Amazing Portal Generator 1.05

    RTG's Amazing portal Generator (the APG for short) lets you design your own web portal. Choose links from a list we provide or add your own. Choose buttons from a list of pre-coded buttons that you can customize.
  • Allora and The Broken Portal

    A powerful wizard has been sucked into a portal and is lost! Only you can save him from a terrible fate in Allora and The Broken portal! Approached by an Elf girl and a rodent friend, it is up to the eyes of a human to
  • World Wind Geospatial One-Stop Portal

    The latest version of the World Wind Geospatial One-Stop portal is embedded into the World Wind Search and Rescue application. World Wind Geospatial One-Stop portal is an easy to use application that allows you to search
  • NS Timecode Calculator 2.2.3

    Timecode Calculator is the software to perform basing operations on video timings. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide pieces of video tapes in many formats. It is also possible to convert calculated values
  • CRM Customer Portal 3.0.2

    Actua Software, a company specialized in agile software development focused in customer needs, announced today the release of CRM Customer portal version 3.0. Here are just a few of the new capabilities:
  • FrameShow 1.0.16

    If you would like your digital pictures to have a stunning effect, you should consider adding matching frames. You can do this easily if you use frameshow, which is a special tool for enhancing your images by adding
  • Frame From AVI TRIAL

    You have liked films? You liked the frames in film? You would like to save the separate frames? Then this program for you. Using Frame from AVI you can: -find and look frame -find and look some frames -create the Set
  • Gravortex 1.0

    Gravortex is a 2d platform puzzler inspired by Valve's portal. Though the game mechanics were borrowed from portal, the game is not supposed to be a remake or a demake. There are 18
  • Aeonserv 1.5.25

    A truly stand-alone portal application for the NT/2000/XP/2003 operating systems. This package will unleash any NT OS into a full blown web and database server. The main purpose of this application is to help end-users
  • DeepSkyStacker 3.3.2

    DeepSkyStacker is a freeware for astrophotographers that simplifies all the pre-processing steps of deep sky pictures. After a shooting night you give all your pictures (light frames, darks frames, offset/bias frames,
  • Orthodox Life Info Portal Toolbar 6.4

    By using Orthodox Life Info portal Toolbar you will get the freshest information, announcements, news and updated links from Orthodox Life Info portal Community.Also the toolbar provides a search bar with useful search
  • Grinbo Demo 2 1.0.6

    Grinbo is a combination of puzzle solving and adventure. You'll find a wide variety of tools, toys, items and other objects to interact with. The game is easy to learn but challenging to the mind. Here's the
  • Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Document Library 1

    Tools for migrating content from web Storage System???based document libraries to SharePoint document libraries. The Microsoft Office SharePoint portal Server 2003 Document Library Migration Tools MOVE documents,
  • Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 SDK 5.0

    This SDK describes how to customize and create integrations for Business portal 5.0 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. The primary focus of this documentation is how to customize and create integrations for the Microsoft
  • IP Port Spy 1.11

    The IP Port Spy tool is used to listen on a TCP or UDP port as well as it prints the received frames in the main window. It doesnot send back any frames in response to the received frames but only TCP connects are sent